Why not spare love

Today’s world lacks love. The world of adults, who are too busy, too proud and too hurt and closed, even more so. When we are children, we love sincerely and completely, without thinking about it. We give our innocent heart and love to the people around us, instinctively and without discussion. We are not afraid of rejection, we are not afraid of unrequited love. We may not even know how to love, but we do. But, over time, the love we give decreases and changes, in relation to our understanding of the relationship in which we are. Of course, this is a normal thing. When your love is unrequited in your teenage days, you suffer so much that you swear you will never love again. When you are in a family where, unfortunately, there is no love and when you did not receive it in childhood, unconditionally, then when it should have – you harden and conclude that love is not something you can expect if you are not perfect or deserved (although the only truth is that you is valuable, whatever you are). And that’s why you don’t give it easily.

And so, after the first, second and third unsuccessful love situation, you start saving yourself and saving love. You give yourself carefully, for fear of injury. Or you don’t give up at all. You play cool games and you get unreachable. You don’t have close friends and you don’t want (and actually want) a permanent partner. You always care less. You always go first. You break up, no one leaves you. But is it a life that really fulfills you? And does it really protect you more, or does it just make your life pass in vain? Are you a growing black hole with nothing in the center? If you suspect the answer is yes, it’s time to move on.

Yes, he who loves will suffer. Maybe now, maybe later. Every end of love is difficult, especially the one of long love for a lifetime. But when we think about it, every end is ever difficult and that sentence “happy end” doesn’t really make sense. The end is the saddest part, however we turn it. So why not have a great start to a love story, and a really good environment? If the possibility of a sad end undermines us to even start something, our life will be far sadder than it would be if we collected all the sorrows of the broken heart of this world. Because suffering and ecstasy are one thing, and the lack of feelings and any kind of love in life is something completely different. When we live without emotion, we don’t seem to live.

The greatest movie achievements and the best novels are often about great loves. The most intimate portraits often depict realized or unrealized loves. Love is at the core of every one of us, and we can’t really get around it – even if we try. You may try not to suffer, but you will actually suffer within yourself what you are trying to do at all. And so don’t be the one who won’t return the message. Don’t compete on who cares less. Don’t be cold and unreachable if you don’t really feel that way. Be honest with yourself and then with others. Live your truth, because only then will you truly live and be at peace with yourself, no matter what happens.

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